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GCS Advises Clients in Business Development and Special Situations

Business Development

International Business Development Advisory:  assessment of the company's financial conditions, operations, competitive environment and business prospects; identification of potential corporate growth strategies and paths, both domestic and international; advice on the company's international strategic acquisition plan; facilitation of and advice for the formation of joint ventures, minority acquisitions, cross-equity transactions and other forms of corporate alliances; coordination of due diligence in the acquisition process.

Strategy and Corporate Finance Advisory:   validation of strategic benefits of cross-border transactions; business planning and sensitivity analysis on different scenarios; business valuation and verification of reasonable price paid in M&A transactions. GCS has developed an expertise in assisting Clients with respect to the entire spectrum of capital structure decisions.

Implementation of Post-Acquisition Integration:   post-acquisition integration plan; identification of potential problem areas; support to the organization of schedules, tasks, and teams prior to, and after the completion of, the acquisition; thorough business plan showing all the costs and benefits associated with the integration.

Special Situations

Business and Financial Analysis: GCS performs a thorough assessment of the company's performance, capital structure, and industry conditions; comprehensive analysis of the critical factors in restructuring transactions; detailed business due diligence in connection with restructurings (e.g. evaluate business plans, liquidity needs and debt capacity, and develop long-term financial projections); turnaround and change management plans; and support in assembling the best team to successfully execute the selected corporate finance strategy.

GCS uses an interdisciplinary approach to engagements and is familiar with evaluating complex and highly-leveraged situations. In appropriate circumstances, working with selected professionals, GCS provides fairness opinions in connection with distressed M&A transactions.


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