Cross-border Transactions

You may only get one chance to sell your business at its maximum value. Today's increasing competition by emerging market economies and foresighted global players is forcing middle-market firms to face critical decisions about the future. For executives and owners of such companies, two paths to a profitable end-game may come down to either:

  • Acquire or partner with a foreign company to benefit from low production costs and establish a solid global presence

  • Sell the business to a foreign buyer to realize its full value and to find the most efficient way out for its shareholders

On one hand, cross-border transactions can contribute significantly to maximizing the value of a business due to the premium placed on mature Western companies by leading emerging market firms. On the other hand, the growing interdependence between emerging and developed markets is forcing middle-market firms to internationalize their businesses.

GCS assists Clients in assessing the reasoning behind a potential cross-border transaction in order to help business owners and executives make the right decisions.

GCS's senior professionals offer more than 25 years of global business experience each, and have long-term and first-hand experience with almost 100 countries, especially in the Greater China region. This provides our Clients with seamless cross-border advisory services, a truly global perspective, and a complete and full understanding of business culture and regulatory climate in these markets.

We continue to work with our Clients assisting them in the development and implementation of a customized post-acquisition integration plan.

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