Mergers & Acquisitions

GCS Buy-side Approach

Strategic Planning and Organization Target Scouting and Screening Negotiation and Deal Structure Target Company Due Diligence Transaction Closing
  • The acquisition process starts with preliminary confidential interviews to fully understand the Client's business model, underlying technology, internal capabilities and range of strategic options

  • Purpose of these upfront discussions is to assess possible alternatives, define strategic objectives, assemble the M&A team and define with the Client a list of target screening criteria
  • A list of potential candidates is assembled using a variety of sources like proprietary databases, industry experts, and industry participants

  • Screening criteria are applied to identify top candidates with the best strategic fit

  • Preliminary in–depth profiles analysis and confidential meetings are held with the best candidates to identify the target company
  • Different valuation techniques are applied to generate appropriate financial and valuation models for the two companies combined. Purchase price is estimated based on Client's own valuation and information provided by the target company

  • The M&A team develops the deal structure and provides support for the introduction and negotiations with potential sources of capital. A letter of intent is negotiated and submitted to secure a period of exclusivity with the target company
  • GCS works closely with Client's auditors, and lawyers to accomplish financial and legal due diligence of the target, and to draft the purchase agreement

  • When necessary, GCS also accomplishes commercial and operational due diligence of the target, including market analysis, customer feedback, supplier relationships, and competitive strategy
  • GCS assists Client's legal advisors as needed on negotiating specific closing terms and conditions, and preparing the closing documentation

  • GCS develops with the Client a customized integration plan for all aspects of the new organization and assists the Client during the integration process