Mergers & Acquisitions

GCS Sell-side Approach

Assess and Value Opportunity Packaging and Marketing Buyers Scouting and Screening Letter of Intent
and Due Diligence
Final Negotiation and Closing
  • The process starts with preliminary confidential interviews to determine the reasoning behind the sale and to evaluate Client's business potential

  • Purpose of these meetings is to understand Client's intention, explore possible alternatives, define specific terms, timeframe and fees, and assess the right expectations
  • A customized marketing plan is developed to effectively reach selected groups of potential buyers while maintaining the correct level of confidentiality

  • Key documents and marketing materials are produced to support the marketing campaign: Blind Company Profile, Introductory Letters, Information Memorandum, Executive Summaries, Company Presentations, and Others
  • A list of potential buyers is defined from a variety of sources (research studies, industry publications, proprietary databases, and networks)

  • Prospective buyers are approached with anonymous, summary information

  • About 10-20 top prospective buyers pass the screening criteria and receive the Information Memorandum book after signing a confidentiality agreement
  • Seller's legal and financial documents are assembled in a "data room" to invite and monitor top prospective buyers during the due diligence process

  • A time limit is set for interested parties to submit a bid or letter of intent and an action plan is developed to manage Confidential auction (when possible) and ensure timely and successful closing
  • The last stage consists of working closely with legal advisors to formulate the relevant purchase and sale agreement and conclude a satisfactory transaction with the leading prospective buyer