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14 April 2007


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Mr. John A. Caslione, President & CEO of GCS Business Capital (GCS) – Speaks At The“China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum 2007” in Shenzhen, PRC


14 April 2007 - Shenzhen, China - This year’s "China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum" was entitled “Enhance Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Venture Capital and Strengthen the Globalization of Growth Companies through Private Equity.”  The event welcomed Mr. John A. Caslione, President & CEO of GCS Business Capital, Inc.  Caslione provided an insightful speech to over 500 forum participants.  Caslione's presentation entitled “Strong Exit Strategy Demands Strong Integration in the New Global Economy”  provided the audience with thought-provoking strategic solutions including real-life examples of how companies of all sizes are learning to survive in today's global economy.


About Mr. John A. Caslione:  

Mr. Caslione is founder, President and CEO of GCS Business Capital, a global M&A firm assisting middle-market companies to globalize their businesses.  John Caslione is also an experienced keynote speaker and speaks at many international events, as his schedule permits, on the topic of business globalization and the emerging markets.  Caslione ‘s dynamic keynote speeches include how business globalization is impacting businesses of all sizes, and more importantly, what to do about it.  For the past 20+ years, as President & CEO of Andrew-Ward International, Inc., Mr. Caslione has personally consulted with businesses in 87 countries and is considered by many to be a ‘thought leader’ on the topic of business globalization. Caslione spends much of his time leading GCS, a global M&A firm, with office locations in China, Hong Kong, Europe, and the U.S.  Caslione’s speaking engagements are scheduled selectively as his travel schedule allows.


About the Forum:  

The 2007 forum brought together more than 100 speakers from China and abroad, over 30 global investors, and more than 100 policy makers from central and local government.  Over one thousand participants attended the 2-day forum.  Participants included private equity limited and general partners, venture capital executives, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, professionals and scholars.


The China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum is an annual gathering of global private equity and venture capital investors with an interest in China, and is the largest, most comprehensive and up-to-date forum of its kind.  


About GCS Business Capital 

GCS Business Capital (GCS) is a leading middle-market M&A advisory firm with offices in the US, Europe and Asia (China and Hong Kong). GCS focuses exclusively on providing financial and business advisory services to companies engaged in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, divestiture, international joint ventures, as well as global marketing and distribution alliances.


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