Team of Professionals

John A. Caslione
Chairman & CEO

John Caslione is the founder, Chairman and CEO of GCS Business Capital LLC (GCS). He leads GCS's global team of M&A and business development experts in the US, Europe and China.

Before GCS, Mr. Caslione was founder, President & CEO of Andrew-Ward International, Inc., a global business consultancy firm whose services include the development and implementation of global business development strategies in 87 countries for Clients seeking strategic solutions to successfully compete in the global marketplace.

Over the past 25 years, John Caslione has been a trusted advisor and counselor to many leading global corporations including: ABB Semiconductors (Europe), Becton-Dickenson Biosciences (Europe), Caltex Lubricants Ltd (China, Asia, Middle East & Africa), Hewlett-Packard (Europe), AT&T (USA), John Deere (Europe, Asia & Africa), Johnson & Johnson (Europe), IBM, IPC Information Systems (USA, Europe & Asia), ExxonMobil Chemical Films (Europe & Africa), Philips N.V. (Europe, USA, Asia), R.J. Reynolds International B.V. (Europe, Russia and CIS, Middle East, Asia & Africa), Rockwell International (USA), Telefonica (Europe), Xerox (USA) and many others.

Mr. Caslione began his career in the national account division of AT&T, where he led a group that was responsible for a number of AT&T's key account customers in the US. Later, he launched the computer staffing resources firm, Synergy Links, in Boston, which he later went on to sell. Mr. Caslione was subsequently tapped to lead the successful turnaround of a Boston-based personnel services firm, Talent Tree Personnel Services (New England Division) that was acquired by Hestair Ltd, then a division of BET Ltd (UK).

John Caslione and co-author marketing guru and thought leader, Philip Kotler, have collaborated together to write on their latest book, Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in The Age of Turbulence (AMACOM Publishing; May 2009) published in more than 60 countries and in 30 languages worldwide. Chaotics presents a new management system—and a new set of strategic behaviors—designed to help businesses navigate in the new normality, which is characterized by intermittent spurts of prosperity and downturn now created by and unpredictable and undetectable waves of turbulence, creating chaos and opportunity, as well as increased risk and uncertainty in the new global economy.


John Caslione has authored two highly acclaimed books: Growing Your Business in Emerging Markets: Promise and Perils (Greenwood Publishing, 2000), an authoritative text with a special focus on developing sales and distribution strategies in emerging markets; and Global Manifest Destiny: Growing Your Business in a Borderless Economy (Dearborn Publishing, 2001), a roadmap for all businesses to globalize – and a recommended top book selection by Harvard Business School's "HBS Working Knowledge".

John Caslione holds a JD from Illinois Institute of Technology's Chicago-Kent College of Law and received an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is currently a guest lecturer for the Executive MBA program at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management.


Jason Chen
President of GCS Business Capital Asia

Mr. Chen is the President of GCS Business Capital Asia, advising and investing in cross-board M&A deals.  He’s also the Chairman & President of DIHTechnologies Corp.; an aspiring leader in connecting and intelligentizing Healthcarein China and US HIT markets.

Before his current roles, Mr. Chenwas a Senior Vice President and the Managing Director of Asia at CardinalHealth, one of the world largest distributor and manufacturer in Healthcareindustry with 2008 revenue of US$91 billion. Mr. Chen other executiveexperiences include General Manager of Greater China – GE Healthcare Sourcing& Operation, CFO of GE Clinical Services, Business Development Managerwithin GE Corporate M&A group, Sales Manager at Pacific Insurance Co. etc.

Mr. Chen is a seasoned executive withrich experience in Healthcare and Financial Services industry, and goodexpertise in strategic planning, business transformation, M&A, financialand operational supply chain management. Mr. Chen’s education includes anExecutive Master Program from Kellogg School of Management, NorthwesternUniversity; a MBA in Corporate Finance from CEIBS (include fellowship at LondonBusiness School); and a M.S. from Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sun) University. Mr. Chenis also a certified GE 6 Sigma Black-Belt.


J. Russell Chapman
M&A & Turnaround Specialist

Mr. J. Russell Chapman possesses almost three decades of consumer goods senior executive experience. Russ brings valuable hands-on operating perspective to strategy and international business development to GCS. His background includes progressively challenging turnaround assignments for Fortune 100 companies including RJR Nabisco, Helena Rubinstein division of L'Oreal, and the Gillette Company.

Russ Chapman brings to GCS his extensive industry experience in light manufacturing and distribution, health care, the automotive aftermarket, the chemical distribution industry, food, and a wide range of consumer and industrial products. As a former CEO who consistently delivered bottom line results, Mr. Chapman's real world experience helps insure that GCS consistently delivers actionable results.

Prior to joining GCS, Mr. Chapman was asked by a leading private equity firm to transform Ecce Panis, an unprofitable retail artisan bakery, into a world-class branded food company. Using leading edge technology, entrepreneurial brand building, innovative customer support, and a religious zeal for quality, he directed the company to achieve a 48% CAGR in sales and become market leader in less than three years.

Russ Chapman was also Managing Director of Atlantic Capital, an M&A firm in Brazil that focused exclusively on consumer product company transactions. He has extensive international experience including Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe.

Russ Chapman earned his undergraduate degree in Physics from Earlham College and received an MBA from Harvard Business School. He teaches business strategy as an adjunct professor at various colleges and universities. Mr. Chapman speaks fluent English, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Andrew Gould
M&A & Investment Specialist

Andrew Gould brings to GCS his extensive background in investment and merchant banking. He has also served as a principal with A.P. Gould & Co. since 1980.

Andrew Gould founded and managed the venture finance group, specializing in corporate partnerships and technology transfer as agent, and seed-stage finance as principal. In addition to Client responsibilities, his expertise further lies in external business development, including the firm's merchant banking partnerships in Japan, Israel, and Europe.

Prior to joining GCS, Mr. Gould has assisted large and small corporations find and finance acquisitions of new businesses or acquire or license new products in the U.S., Japan, Europe, and Israel. He has extensive experience helping large and small corporations sell businesses or products that they own or to license technologies that they have developed.

Mr. Gould has arranged a variety of aspects of long-term financing in the private markets for worldwide product development and day-to-day business activities, and works with private companies to access the public market with underwriters in North America and in the new equity markets of Western Europe.

Andrew Gould holds a BA from Yale University and received an MBA with concentrations in finance and economics from New York University. Mr. Gould speaks a number of languages fluently, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Polish.


Michael W. Hunter
International Business Development & Marketing Specialist

Michael Hunter is an internationally recognized business development expert with 33 years experience of assisting corporations to develop and deploy the architecture and processes for sales and marketing channels to go to market, product management, and corporate alliance programs.

As a consultant for more than 25 years, Mr. Hunter has delivered innovative process design in national, strategic, and global account management, multi-channel marketing, value-added marketing, and international product management. His practical approaches to business development and decidedly bottom line orientation have earned him loyalty from an extremely diverse Client base and appreciation from financially accountable line managers around the world.

Prior to joining GCS, Michael Hunter's Clients included: American Express, Verizon Corporation, Motorola, Barclays Bank, Nokia, HSBC, Ericsson, Siemens, Ciba-Corning, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Pirelli, Philips NV, Hoffman la Roche, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Agilent Technologies, Alcon Laboratories, Canon Corporation, EDS, Crane Corporation, Honeywell Corporation, 3M, The Hartford Insurance Companies, Lloyds of London, to mention a few of over 300 corporate Clients.



Donatella Ceccarelli

Non-Executive Director


Donatella Ceccarelli joined GCS as a non-executive director in 2006. She brings to GCS an extensive background in international investment banking and an expertise in international business and financial markets.

Donatella Ceccarelli has over 20 years of international business experience in the financial industry having worked for leading global investment banks including Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers, and most currently with Merrill Lynch where she is Vice President of Global Wealth Management based out of Milan with responsibility also for Germany and the UK.


As Executive Director at Lehman Brothers, Ms. Ceccarelli developed an expansive and comprehensive range of institutional executive management contacts in Germany, including coordinating the market penetration effort in the primary and secondary field encompassing all major global cash equities and equities derivatives products.  Ms. Ceccarelli also led driving the Pan-European business for Lehman Brothers by combining equity markets related activities along with a strong effort in marketing prospective companies to institutional investors from all major European economies.


Before Lehman Brothers, Donatella Ceccarelli served as Director, Co-Head of Cash Equity Sales for Italy / Spain at Deutsche Bank in London.  She managed to reach high levels of market penetration, hence greatly enhancing the presence of Deutsche Bank in Italy in the Pan-European equity field.  During her time at Deutsche Bank, Ms. Ceccarelli also focused on marketing both large and medium-size companies to the institutional investors from Southern Europe.  Ms. Ceccarelli personally ranked top equity advisor in 2001’s Reuters Survey at a time when Deutsche Bank was voted #1 Pan-European Broker.


Ms. Ceccarelli spent the first eleven years of her career at the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt Germany where she developed and expanded the German equity business with the Italian institutional investors.


Donatella Ceccarelli has earned her MA in Languages with Economic Specialization from the University of Trieste, after having spending the first two years of her studies at the University of Heidelberg.


In June 2007, Donatella Ceccarelli was awarded one of the most prestigious and notable honors from the Republic of Italy, “The Order of “Cavaliere dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana.”







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