US and European Companies

Chinese competition is increasingly dominating more manufacturing sectors in both the US and in Europe. Many middle-market companies and private equity-backed firms in the US and in Europe cannot successfully pursue external growth or restructuring plans without strategic and financial partnerships with Chinese firms.

For these middle-market companies struggling to compete, the only path to a profitable end-game may come down to:

  • Globalizing their business by successfully penetrating the world's fastest growing market in the world for the foreseeable future -- China

  • Integrating with Chinese companies in their acquisition growth strategy to effectively compete on the world's stage as a truly global company

  • Acquiring and integrating a Chinese company to benefit from Chinese low costs and establish a solid global presence in the US, Europe and in Asia

  • Selling the business to a Chinese buyer or investor through an effective, discrete and persistent marketing process able to get the best deal the market has to offer

GCS is an M&A advisor to middle-market US and European companies and middle-market private equity firms seeking to develop strategic alliances with Chinese firms in pursuit of business integration strategies.

GCS's network of international offices and teams of experienced professionals in the US, Europe and in China offer to Clients a seamless cross-border advisory service with a truly global perspective and a full understanding of business culture and regulatory environment in China for Western businesses, and in the US and Europe for Chinese businesses.


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